• Sending Your Partner Flowers on Valentine's Day

    Posted on February 6, 2016 by Gifts by Genius in Blog Posts.


    Red Roses from Bouquet

    Celebrations of holidays such as Valentine’s Day and special occasions such as anniversaries tend to be more important to women than men. For women, these events represent the importance of the bonds they have formed with others and failing to honor these days feels like a failure to honor the relationship. Planning your Valentine’s Day gift is important. The point is to show that you have put some consideration into the gift. A last minute dash to the nearest shop to buy a cheap bouquet when you have obviously forgotten the occasion is trying to make up for a crime you have already committed –– failing to appreciate the importance of your partner in your life.

    Men love to impress the women in their lives with extravagant gifts. But for the female of the species, it is not largess which counts, but the fact that you have remembered the occasion. It’s not about generosity, it is about thoughtfulness. Therefore it is crucial to consider that flowers have a language all of their own. Pick what you know will speak to your partner’s heart. Options include the single rose with its beautifully understated and elegant declaration of true love, the unbridled passion of a dozen roses, or an extravagant bouquet or exotic flower. You could even choose a flowering plant such as an orchid, which appeals to women who appreciate a gesture but love a gift that lasts.

    To complete your floral gift, add a suitable greeting card or hand written note along with another small, thoughtfully selected item. Florists always make a wide range of gifts available at this time of the year. A stuffed toy, a selection of chocolates, or a beautiful and lasting setting for your floral gift (such as a glass vase) are all popular options. A special bottle of wine or champagne is an excellent idea if you are planning an evening in where you do all the cooking and cleaning up for once. Just be sure that your choice shows that you know your partner well and that you have thought about what she enjoys. For example, she may have dropped a hint about what she would like. Think back to conversations you have had with her over the past few weeks. You could also select something that relates to her hobbies and interests such as tickets to a play or musical that she has always wanted to see.

    Finally, you should think about the timing of your gift. Too late in the day and it will seem like you forgot or only remembered at the last minute. Too soon and it will lost in the business of getting to work or getting kids off to school. A mid-morning delivery to your home or your partner’s office is the perfect solution.

    And now is the time to order before the last minute rush hits!

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