• Product Announcement: Sigg Water Bottles

    Posted on February 21, 2015 by Gifts by Genius in Store News.

    Introducing Personalized Sigg Drinkware from Gifts by Genius

    We are proud to announce that customizable Sigg water bottles have been added to our ever expanding product lineup. 


    About Sigg

    Sigg is a name known for products made to the highest standards of Swiss quality and craftsmanship. Their bottles are not only ecologically sound and reusable; they are as fashionable as they are functional. Why toss out yet another plastic bottle, or let plastic chemicals leach into your water, when you could use a stylish, timeless SIGG bottle instead? These bottles feature SIGG’s proprietary baked-on inner liner, which is made from a non-toxic, water-based epoxy resin that exceeds FDA requirements for leaching (0.0 percent) and is independently tested to be taste and scent neutral. They are also virtually unbreakable and are constructed with no seams, ensuring a long-lasting, leak-proof performance. With a baked on powder coat finish lasts for years, SIGG bottles are as good to look at as they are to drink from. Our quality designs are printed using the latest UV technology and will not fade after washing.

    Meet the Sigg Traveler Bottle

    The SIGG Traveler Bottle delivers all the benefits of a lightweight, durable, eco-friendly, leak-proof water bottle in a sophisticated style! The aluminum SIGG Traveler is designed to fit your on-the-go lifestyle and is ready for whatever you are. Fill your SIGG bottle with H2O or an electrolyte-infused sport drink and hop on your bike. Or get on the trail. Or dash to the gym. Or fumble to work. Or saunter downtown. This bottle comes with a loop top bottle cap, which may be secured via hook or carabiner clip to a backpack or daypack. Or throw it in your bag. You won’t have to worry because the screw-on top makes sure your gym, hiking, or work gear won’t end up soggy.

    Try the Sigg Thermo Bottle

    The Thermo collection adheres to SIGG’s sleek and modern Swiss aesthetic. These bottles are constructed from top quality stainless steel that is both odor and taste neutral and designed to keep your cold liquids cold and hot liquids hot for up to eight hours. Plus, they come equipped with a tea filter, making them perfect for sipping tea on chilly winter days. 

    Thermo Bottle Key Features

    • Available Sizes: 0.3L & 0.5L (10.1 oz. & 16.9 oz.)
    • Colors: White, Teal, and Smoked Pearl
    • Includes a removable tea filter.
    • 100% BPA & Phthalates free.
    • Hand wash only.
    • Sleek Swiss design.

    Traveler Bottle Key Features

    • Available Sizes: 0.3L, 0.6L, 1L (10.1 oz., 20.3 oz., & 33.8 oz.)
    • Colors: White, Black, Red, Dark Blue, and Smoked Pearl
    • 100% BPA free
    • Hand wash only.
    • Made in Switzerland.

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