• How to Avoid Giving Really Bad Christmas Gifts

    Posted on December 5, 2015 by Gifts by Genius in Blog Posts.


    Let’s face it, the last thing you want to be known as at Christmas time is a bad present giver. There is nothing worse than being with your family or friends at Christmas, only to watch the false smiles appear on their faces as you hand over a pair of socks and a box of chocolates for the third year running. If this sounds like you then you may just benefit reading this advice.

    Bad presents tend to fall into three categories: Thoughtless, Useless, and Boring. If you have been unfortunate enough to receive any gift from that list, then you should have an idea of an alternative which you would have been much happier with.

    Turn a Thoughtless Gift Into a Thoughtful Gift

    One of the obvious signs of a thoughtless gift is the ‘rush’ factor. Regardless of the cost, a gift that looks like it has been bought in a hurry screams a lack of thought and preparation. Even the most expensive bottle of champagne would not impress someone who is teetotaler. Taking your time and being organized is the key to making sure your gifts this year are your most thoughtful yet. The Internet is perfect for helping you discover some great unique presents. Many websites specialize in producing personalized gifts and do not charge extra for this customization. Personalizing a present is a clear indication that you have thought about the recipient. Nowadays the usual thoughtless gifts can become a present to treasure for years to come. Even a calendar can become the highlight of Christmas day when the lucky recipient sees their treasured images spread throughout the 12 months.

    Go From Useless to Useful

    Who really needs a baseball cap with two can holders either side off it with a detachable straw? We can all appreciate a humorous gift, but they don’t always have to be useless. Photo gifts have taken off in a big way and enable you to send an image via email and have it printed on to a range of accessories and household items. Whether it is a cushion for your sofa or a deck chair for the garden, these great gifts take your favorite photograph and turn it into a unique gift that looks good as well as being useful.

    There are also some wonderful Christmas themed presents available online that should be essential additions to your preparations for the big day. Personalized Christmas Stockings and Santa Sacks are perfect for making Christmas morning even more special and exciting and they are ideal for keeping all your gifts safe, away from prying eyes.

    Forget the Boring Socks and Ties

    There is no excuse this year for you to give, or receive for that matter, a boring gift. With the option of both local and online shopping there has never been more choice for all your Christmas shopping needs. Retailers gear up for the festive season earlier each year with more interesting and exciting presents than ever before. To buy a boring gift this year is simply inexcusable.

    Why not surprise a loved one with a star named in their honor? A million miles away from a boring gift, you can now register a name in the intergalactic star database and even find the location of it with a poster of the star’s coordinates. Or you could take a giant leap in your Christmas shopping habits and purchase an acre of the moon? Your loved one may never actually manage to step foot on their acre but they will still have an official certificate from the Lunar Embassy to prove they are the rightful owners. But the ultimate in exciting gifts is an experience. Jumping out of a plane, speeding round a track in a sports car or tackling wild water rapids are just a handful of the activity days available online. If a friend has had a lifetime ambition of doing a bungee jump, why not treat them to the adrenaline thrill instead of novelty silk tie?

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