• Fun Autumn Activities for Your Family

    Posted on September 18, 2015 by Gifts by Genius in Blog Posts.

    Scarecrows by David Wagner

    Scarecrows by David Wagner

    The fall winds are staring to blow and leaves are beginning to make their decent from tree limbs. As the weather begins to cool, now is the perfect opportunity to spend some time doing something as a family. Here are some fun autumn activities that you all can enjoy together:

    Create an Autumn Yard Collage

    This is a great way to get your whole family involved in beautifying your front lawn for the fall season. Materials you will need to create your autumn yard collage include hay bales, pumpkins of all sizes, scarecrows, cornucopias, etc. Anything related to fall will look wonderful. Stack your hay bales to create a backdrop. Then place a huge scarecrow on the center of the stack. Finally, you can add other complimentary fall accessories such as cornucopias and ears of corn stacks. If you want to give your collage a Halloween theme, try making a couple of witches or spooky ghosts the focus of your creation.

    Make a Haunted Tree

    Making a haunted tree is a fun activity for everyone. And it is a great way to use all the leaves you will rake over the season. First, pick the biggest, best tree in your front yard; preferably one with many long, crooked limbs. Next, take small white trash bags and stuff the top half with leaves from your yard. Twist and tie the bag into a knot, or use a twist-tie to close the end where the leaves stop. Turn the bag upside down and you have a ghost! Make as many of these ghosts as you can, then tie them to tree limbs. As the fall winds blow, your ghosts will haunt your tree.

    Creating Autumn Cards

    Supply everyone with markers, paper, glue, glitter, stickers, etc. Let them make several autumn cards and write a special message on the inside of each one. After any wet appliqués are dried, gather the cards and take them to your local nursing home or hospice to distribute among the patients.

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